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Why Choose Metal Furniture ?

Why Choose Metal Furniture ?

Metal Furniture are light and simple in design, they invariably consume less office space, unlike their wooden counterpart. They are also environmentally friendly since they involve the use of wholesome parts without requiring the felling trees, glue, and adhesives which can have lasting effects as pollutants.


>  The steel furniture are modern and fashionable.  Metal furniture manufacturers have worked hard to create furniture that combines both form and function. Natural colors that are reminiscent of wood and laminate drawer faces can transform a basic piece of metal furniture into something indistinguishable from wood furniture aesthetically.

>  Cleanability and pest management. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that metal furniture does not deter bed bugs any better than wood furniture. The Metal furniture are quite easy to be cleaned, and you don’t need to do any maintenance work once it is set up and used in a correct way.

>  The Metal furniture are fabricated mainly with the techniques of spot welding and argon welding, all parts are tightly connected with each other and become an inseparable whole part, this makes the steel furniture much stable and durable, and hardly become deformed.

>  Extreme durability. Metal furniture is a work horse of the contract furniture market. Metal furniture can tolerate extreme use which makes it perfect for any group living environment – especially dormitory and transient housing applications. Metal beds and bunk beds are durable and cleanable. Metal case pieces can include underbed storage, night stands, and chests of drawers. Metal’s finishes are well-sealed so with proper care metal beds and case pieces can withstand punctures, drink rings and general heavy use.

>  It’s affordable, you can also expect metal furniture to last 10 – 15 years or longer.  Many metal furniture collections have warranties that will come with longer warranty period when compared to wood. Metal furniture don’t  require a larger up-front investment and the replacement cycle is also less frequent.

Metal furniture is popping up in a lot of places that traditionally use wood furniture.  Metal beds and case pieces can be combined to create a highly durable, highly functional living space for group living environments.


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